Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Recent Buy

 A few months has passed by since my last purchase. I have had some money waiting on my brokerage account, and now it's payday! so I turn my head towards the markets to make a new buy.

I bought 35 shares of Bank of Nova Scotia (NYSE:BNS)

Market cap: 53B
EPS: 4.02
B/P: 1.47
P/E: 11
Yield close to: 5%

I think most of the dividend investors are familiar with this company, so I will not go any more details.

Stocks have fallen quite a bit lately, so I think now would be a good time to buy some of the stocks that I currently own, just because they are cheaper.

5 Stocks that I currently thinking of adding up some more.

  • Kinder Morgan (KMI) is one of my top choices.
  • W.P Carey Inc (WPC)
  • Fortum Oyj (FUM1V)
  • Nordea Bank Ab (NDA1V) safest.
  • Chevron Corp (CVX)
Okay if I wanna go for the "safest" possible company right here, I would think it would be Nordea Bank Ab. But I think both KMI and CVX are quite cheap right now. Also thinking of adding up some shares of Fortum or WPC would not be a bad thing.

Or if I would like to go and buy similar company than KMI maybe I would buy Spectra Energy Corp (SE).

Gimme little help here! :)
What you guys think ? what should I add up?



  1. Like the BNS buy a lot. Your buy list looks awful lot similar to mine. Though I'm already heavily invested in KMI, FUM1V and NDA1V, I sure do like these levels. I'm thinking of buying a little of both KMI and FUM1V. Perhaps at levels below $27 and €13. We'll see.

    I speculated between XOM and CVX a while back and thought that XOM is the stronger bet here. Upside on both is big. Also with WPC, my stake is full at this point.

    Roll a dice? :D

    Good luck with it!
    br, Isomahamies

    1. Maybe i'll just buy little bit of everything :)


  2. Great purchase. I'd really love to get my hands on some Canadian stocks, but there is no way to buy them without incurring taxes on the dividends unfortunately. I can buy the US stocks in my retirement account, but if only Canada would have the same deal with us here in the UK!


    1. So, can't you buy the one in New york stock exchange ? Don't know how it works there.

    2. Yes we can, but I'd like to buy them in my tax-free account, not my retirement account

  3. Great buy. Stay tuned for my blog posting about monthly buys, to be released in few days ;)

    1. Thanks!

      Sure thing, you are the king of dividends! :)

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