Monday, April 20, 2015

Recent Buy & Sale

Today I made some changes to my portfolio. I sold all my shares of Nike Inc (NKE), and used that money to buy HCP Inc. (HCP). After that I bough small amount of Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC).

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Total shares purchased:

  • 45 shares of HCP valued around $1900
  • 100 PSEC valued around $850

My Nike shares had gone up quite a lot in the past year. And I decided it is time to take some profits out. Even if I think that Nike is a great company and can produce good results for years to come. The lack of decent dividend (currently 1.12% yield) made me choose this way. Well there is growth.. but I made my self asking that how long can it continue? and how much? and what about competition? That's a lot of questions.. and no one rely knows the answer to those. Basically my Nike shares has produced me around 45% dividend in USD and around 80% dividend in EUR. (currency changes). Like Jim Cramer says:" No one is going to get hurt when you take your profits out".

I think HCP is a good company and has a good track record to back that up. 30 years of increasing dividends making it a Dividend Champion, that's has to mean something.

PSEC for me is just a wild card. I'm hoping it can bring me those monthly dividends many years to come. So no big expectations here.

I still have some money left on my brokerage account, and I may just let it sit there until I get my next paycheck. So I can make a bit bigger buy on next month.

These purchases increases my annual dividend income by: $196.80

HCP Inc  $100.8
PSEC $96.0

On other news on my portfolio:

I'm also considering selling UPM-Kymmenen (UPM1V) but I decided to wait a bit and read some annual reports first and do some serious thinking. If you got some superb inside info let' me know and toss a comment!

I'm also considering selling ARCP. Since there is now dividend anywhere to be seen. But I think i'm just going to wait until the next quarterly report. And decide after that.

I will soon update my portfolio to represent these changes.
Have a Nice day!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dividend Income: March 2015

Here is my dividend income for March 2015.

* Updated 11.4.2015 Nordea bank's dividend payment did not show on my bank account or I just forgot to add it.*

  • Realty Income Corp (O) $8.69
  • Chevron Corp (CVX) $12.84
  • Unilever N.V. (UN) $19.82
  • Nordea Bank (NDA1V) €68.20 ($72,09)
1 USD = 0,946074 EUR

 Total: $113.44

My total dividend income for first quarter of 2015 is $237.11 

As one of my goals for 2015 is to earn more than $2500 from dividend income. I have some doubts to reach this goal, even if I'm aware that my April and May Dividend income will be awesome. This is because my European stocks will distribute their dividend then and the dividend is a full year dividend (once a year). Off course, being few weeks unemployed and getting only 3 weeks pay on my new job (I started so I was only eligible for 3 weeks salary) does not help me at all. So I have some catching up to do. 

So this why I have launched my personal "Efficiency Program".

What this means for me?

I will go through my income and expenses and look for something where I can neither save more or reduce my expenses. And that is very efficient and simple.

I have all ready started this and managed to make some savings.

  • I gave up my Visa Electron Card since I don't even use this anymore, I did not even realize that I was wasting money! and now I save 24€ / year.
  • Next was my Internet account I was paying 24.90€/month for my Internet. So I made a 2-year contract with my Internet provider and now I pay 9.90€/month for the 1st year and 29.90€/month for the 2nd year. Previously I was paying 298.8€/year and now I'm paying an average of 238.8€/year. So I generated total save of 60€ and 30€/year.
  • I was lucky enough to notice that my bank had changed its billing for brokerage account, in the way that it was possible for me to get an account with no monthly cost. I instantly messaged them to change my "service" level to "no cost level" and now I save 36,24€/year.
So in the past month I have managed to save total of  90.24€ / year or 7.52€ / month. So I have just made my self a 7.52€ monthly dividend. And I can use this money to make more money. I highly recommend you to do the same thing.

It may seem a small number, but small rain drops creates big lakes. And I'm eager to see how big of a lake I can make from my other expenses.

thanks for reading.

How was your dividend month?

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