Monday, April 20, 2015

Recent Buy & Sale

Today I made some changes to my portfolio. I sold all my shares of Nike Inc (NKE), and used that money to buy HCP Inc. (HCP). After that I bough small amount of Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC).

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Total shares purchased:

  • 45 shares of HCP valued around $1900
  • 100 PSEC valued around $850

My Nike shares had gone up quite a lot in the past year. And I decided it is time to take some profits out. Even if I think that Nike is a great company and can produce good results for years to come. The lack of decent dividend (currently 1.12% yield) made me choose this way. Well there is growth.. but I made my self asking that how long can it continue? and how much? and what about competition? That's a lot of questions.. and no one rely knows the answer to those. Basically my Nike shares has produced me around 45% dividend in USD and around 80% dividend in EUR. (currency changes). Like Jim Cramer says:" No one is going to get hurt when you take your profits out".

I think HCP is a good company and has a good track record to back that up. 30 years of increasing dividends making it a Dividend Champion, that's has to mean something.

PSEC for me is just a wild card. I'm hoping it can bring me those monthly dividends many years to come. So no big expectations here.

I still have some money left on my brokerage account, and I may just let it sit there until I get my next paycheck. So I can make a bit bigger buy on next month.

These purchases increases my annual dividend income by: $196.80

HCP Inc  $100.8
PSEC $96.0

On other news on my portfolio:

I'm also considering selling UPM-Kymmenen (UPM1V) but I decided to wait a bit and read some annual reports first and do some serious thinking. If you got some superb inside info let' me know and toss a comment!

I'm also considering selling ARCP. Since there is now dividend anywhere to be seen. But I think i'm just going to wait until the next quarterly report. And decide after that.

I will soon update my portfolio to represent these changes.
Have a Nice day!

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  1. Interesting moves, Anha. Nothing wrong with taking profits.

    HCP is a great company and Ive been watching it too..would love to add it to my portfolio. PSEC - like you said, its a bit of a wildcard. I own just one BDC - MAIN and I am happy with it. From all the reading I did on the BDC space, it seemed like MAIN was better run and a bit more conservative than the rest. I know PSEC recently cut its dividend - but if its overreacted, maybe its not a bad time to pick it up. Good luck


    1. Hey there R2R!
      I think i'll sleep well with HCP in my pocket and psec is mm psec..
      That MAIN could be a good investment thanks for bringing that on up. Need to check on that one!

  2. It's rare to read about stock sales among the dividend bloggers but I guess if you want to ring the register on some profits that can never hurt. While I like your move into HCP I'm not really excited about your PSEC buy. For my personal tolerance and risk profile I would not want to buy into any BDC or high yield REIT play. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey DivHut!
      Ty for sharing your honest opinion about my buys! Well i have my fingers crossed and hoping it will do well.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great purchases I think. I also nearly bought Nike a while back, but decided that I wanted to stick to higher dividend yield stocks, even though I felt strongly about Nike's growth. However, with the $/£ rate at the moment being a bit prohibitive, I have been sticking to UK stocks for a long time.


    1. Hi TV!
      I got a pretty good growth on very short period of time. But not knowing that how long the growth will continue, I felt like there could be a better buys for this money. Something that could give me a better yield without hoping to get awesome quarterly results. I still think Nike is a good company and I do wish to buy it back someday.

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