Friday, January 1, 2016

End Year Report 2015

Happy New Year!!

It is time to start a new year. Lot have been accomplished and a lot needs to be done. So let's start this report thingy. 

First, I have Failed all my Goals that I had set for my self during the 2015. Why is that.. well I lost my job at the beginning of 2015, that had a high cost on my monthly deposits ( I was aiming for 1050€/month).  But luckily I was able to get another job and that's a good thing. Losing the job cost around six(6)-weeks pay.  I was let to know few months before that I was losing my job and that also effected my ability and will to invest more money. Since I was not sure that could I get a new job or not. Also later 2015 me and my wife went to a holiday in Spain, during those 2 weeks I did not get any salary. So I only had around 10 months of payed working time last year (2015). Also the cost of that trip was around 1.5-2k €. Expensive.. huh.

Let's see what I accomplished!

  • Dividend Income 2015:  $1,788.22 
  • I was able to add 9143€ cash to my portfolio. (average 761.91€ / monthly )
  • My Current Portfolio Value is 37,641.07€ or $40,979.76 

After all the troubles, I'm happy on my result. There was growth on every aspect of my portfolio. Some investments went shit and others are doing just fine! 

Dividend income grew from $1.252 to $1,788 and my portfolio value grew from around $28000 to close $41000 

That's about it!

I'm looking forward and hope that the next year will be better overall than the last year. What will the next year bring ? well nobody knows.

I'm also going to be a dad next year so heh.. well see. Children are cheap right ?! :)

Anyway Happy new year to you all and happy dividend hunting!


  1. Hi Anha,

    Congrats on another year down in the books. Looks like you bounced back from the job loss gracefully and got right back to hammering down on the investments!


  2. Anha Hi

    I've also lost my job, and stayed unemployed for 4 months, that whay I failed on all of my financial goals.

    Hope that 2016 will bring us more good things then 2015.

    Happy new year.

    Sharon - Divorcedff