Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Recent Buy

I recently made 3 smaller purchases to increase my dividend income. I also sold out my position of whopping one share of Priceline Group Inc. (PCLN)
did earn some money there and i'm happy about it.
Just felt the need to release some capital from my "growth" stocks to my dividend stocks.

I also decided to save up some money so i can go and do some bigger purchases, or if i see a good opportunity out there, so i have capital that i can use.

So i had some fun and did some shopping, here's what i did.

I bought 26 shares of AT&T Inc (T) this will increase my position to 80 shares. This will also increase my one year dividends around $48.00.
AT&T Inc (T) P/E 10.24 | Div/Yield 0.46/5.28 | EPS 3.40

I have to say i am a big fan of Mobile Operator business, as they pay good dividends and people will most likely not stop making phone calls anytime soon. And mobile data just keeps going up. I will most likely buy Verizon (VZ) or Teliasonera (TLSN) sometime soon, and increase my position in Telenor (TELO). I'm hoping these will bring me steady cash flow to my portfolio.

On my second purchase i increased my position in The Coca-Cola Company (KO) I'm currently owner of 80 shares of this dividend increaser (20 more shares). After that i went to my local supermarket and bought me some Vanilla Coke yamm.. The Coca-Cola Company (KO) P/E 22.26 | Div/Yield 0.31/2.93 | EPS 1.87 This purchase will increase my yearly dividends by $24.80

My third purchase was an position increase as well as the others. I bought 16 more shares of
Laclede Group Inc (LG) Not so popular company as it should be? I think the management team is doing wonderful job buying new companies and increasing shareholder value. Laclede Group Inc (LG) is also a company in dividend contender list (10-24 Straight Years Higher Dividends) maintained by David Fish LG has payed 11 Years of Higher Dividens. Oh btw i'm an Utility fan too.

Here is some more info:

"The Laclede Group, Inc. (Laclede Group) is a utility holding company. The Company operates in two segments: Regulated Gas Utility and Gas Marketing. The Gas Utility segment includes the regulated operations of Laclede Gas Company (Laclede Gas or the Utility), Laclede Group's subsidiary and core business unit. Laclede Gas is a public utility engaged in the retail distribution and sale of natural gas. Laclede Gas is in the natural gas distribution utility in Missouri, serving more than 1.13 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The Gas Marketing segment includes Laclede Energy Resources, Inc. (LER), a wholly owned subsidiary is engaged in the marketing of natural gas and related activities on a non-regulated basis. In September 2014, the Company purchased 100% interest of Alabama Gas Corp (Alagasco) from Energen Corp."
Laclede Group Inc (LG) P/E 18.19 | Div/Yield 0.44/3.55 | EPS 2.72
This purchase will add $28.16 to my annual dividend income

What do you think of these purchases? Have you bought anything lately?

Disclosure: PCLN soldout | LG, KO, T Long

Picture: By Stuart Miles

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  1. I love the first two companies but will have to look into LG when I'm looking for more utility exposure. I've don't know much about them.