Thursday, September 25, 2014

Recent Buy

After my recent portfolio changes, I decided it is time to go shopping again. And after going through several companies and rethinking about the direction of my next investment, I decided to get some more of those monthly dividend payers. As I'm moving towards more dividend growth investing type of portfolio and getting those little monthly dividends every month, It just feels rely good to receive those monthly payments, and i don't have to do anything.

After going through different corporations, I made my purchases:

88 Shares of American Realty Capital Properties Inc (NASDAQ:ARCP) total value of $1092
This increased my position in this company from 112 shares to 200 shares. And this purchase will increase my one year dividends for around $84,48. Now the total cash i get every month is around $16.

"American Realty Capital Properties, Inc., is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company owns and acquires single-tenant, freestanding commercial real estate primarily subject to medium-term net leases with credit quality tenants."

Well that wasn't it i also bought 46 shares of  Realty Income Corp (NYSE:O) it seems that this company can be found on almost every dividend bloggers portfolio, with the decent yield of 5.37%
it looks like to be a good catch. Also the company is paying the monthly dividends, and with 530 dividends payed and 77 total dividend increases since 1994 it feels quite good buy. This purchase increases my annual dividend stream by $99,36.

"Realty Income Corporation (Realty Income) is an equity real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company is engaged in acquiring and owning freestanding retail and other properties that generate rental revenue under long-term lease agreements (primarily 10 to 20 years). The Company has in-house acquisition, leasing, legal, credit research, real estate research, portfolio management and capital markets."

There was few other companies that also took my attention, one of them is Whitestone REIT (NYSE:WSR) and other was Prospect Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:PSEC) both of them offers quite a generous monthly dividend, Whitestone 8.18% and Prospect 13.03%. Both stocks seems to carry little bit of more risk than ARCP or O but they could pay off, these companies could be something you should look into, if you fancy monthly dividends like I do.

Got some cash left after my stock dumping frenzy and after these two purchases, will be looking into more companies that could join in to my portfolio. I will update my portfolio at the end of the month. So till the next time: cheers!

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  1. Great buys you made there! I would like to also increase my position in ARCP, but the thing is that it is already one of my biggest holdings. I think I have to settle with buying CSG or MFA next week =)

  2. Agree with Viisikymppisenä eläkkeelle! Would love to increase my position in ARCP but ended up initiating a new position in CSG for diversification sake.

    Good luck with your DGI journey!

  3. Hi guys!
    Thanks for the cheers!
    I think ARCP is a good company, so I would not mind owning a bit more in the future. I did took a look of that CSG, it actually looks promising, like the fact that they have holdings outside of U.S, that could be a good buy so adding that one for my REIT list, Thanks for sharing that.

    And Thanks for stopping by!