Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Recent Buy

Today I bought 25 shares of W.P. Carey Inc (NYSE: WPC)


W. P. Carey Inc. (NYSE: WPC) is a global net-lease REIT that provides long-term sale-leaseback and build-to-suit financing solutions for companies worldwide. At December 31, 2014, the Company had an enterprise value of approximately $11.1 billion. In addition to its owned portfolio of diversified global real estate, W. P. Carey manages a series of non-traded REITs with assets under management of approximately $9.2 billion. Its corporate finance-focused credit and real estate underwriting process is a constant that has been successfully leveraged across a wide variety of industries and property types. Furthermore, its portfolio of long-term leases with creditworthy tenants has an established history of generating stable cash flows, enabling it to deliver consistent and rising dividend income to investors for over four decades.


Just as overall portfolio diversification can be important in helping mitigate risk, W. P. Carey believes it also important to diversify within a specific asset class such as real estate. After careful tenant and real estate analysis, the companies included in W. P. Carey’s portfolio are diversified by geography, property type and industry so that overall performance may not be impacted by any one industry, tenant, property type or region.

  • Total Assets $8.6 Billion
  • Properties 783
  • Total Sq Ft 87.3 Million
  • Average Lease Term 9.1 Years
  • Tenants 219
  • Occupancy 98.6%


W. P. Carey's information is as of September 30, 2014.

Top Tenants: Hellweg (Retail Stores, Germany, 5.6%) | U-Haul International (Self Storage U.S. 4.7%) | Carrefour France SAS (Retail Stores, France 5.2%) | State of Andalusia (Office, Spain, 4.2%) | OBI Group (Retail Stores, Poland, 2.5%) | Marriott International, Inc (Hospitality, U.S. 2.4%)

% = % Total Base Rent


  • W.P. Carey (WPC) has increased its dividend every year since going public in 1998.
  • Current annualized dividend $3.80
  • W.P. Carey has increased it dividend 46.2% since converting to a public REIT in September 2012.  (Based on third quarter 2012 annualized dividend of $2.60 per share.)
  • W.P. Carey is a Dividend Contender (10-24 Straight Years Higher Dividends) List Maintained by Dave Fish at 
  • W.P. Carey has Increased Dividend by 18 Straight years.
  • 3-yr DGR 19.2 | 5-yr DGR 12.7 & 10-yr DGR 7.5 (DGR= Dividend Growth Rate.)
  • LTM FFO Payout Ratio: 80.81%
  • Current dividend yield 5.73% (Based on a stock price of  $66.28).


W.P. Carey offers a diversified REIT investment, as main revenue comes from its Real estate portfolio and around 17% of revenue comes from Investment Management. The Real Estate Portfolios diversification comes not only on industry diversification but also as geographical diversification, around 35% of the Real Estate Portfolios income comes outside of U.S. WPC also offers a nice dividend of 5.73% and I believe that WPC will continue to increase the dividend in close future but we'll see.

I believe that WPC is good buy for long run.

Based on a current annualized dividend of $3.80 this purchase will increase my annual dividend income by $95

I have also updated my portfolio to represent the current change.

Any thoughts ? 

photo: By cuteimage


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