Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dividend Income: September & Other

A lot of changes happened to my portfolio at September, lot of sales and lot of buys. I'm currently very pleased by this portfolio, it just feels a lot better and more dividend oriented, after my sales. And I still have some money left from the sales, also my payday just passed. After i payed all my bills for the future month I ended having little bit less money that I have get used to. This is because i had to pay my Diesel tax for half year, welcome to Finland. But with the money left at my sales and few bucks from the monthly pay check, is enough for me to make a small purchase during this month if I like to do so.

On other events Euro (€) has been falling quite a bit recently, for me this means that I get less Dollars ($) When I change my Euros (€). Falling Euro (€) is a good for someone and bad for others. For example some EU companies that have all or most of their cash coming from other than Euro (€) countries, will get a little bit boosted earnings, as they receive more when they change, an example from USD to EUR, they will get more Euros (€), and that brings little bit bigger earnings. Other way around off course is not that good. I have a small fear that Euro will soon be just 1 USD, even if this would bring my current USD holdings bigger Euro value, in long term if I plan to buy more USD shares it will be a negative thing for me and hurt my long term value. I don't want to bet too much on these currency changes because they are usually more speculations than facts.

Okay back to the main subject: Dividend Income.

On September I received 2 dividend payments from:

Unilever N.V. (UN)  $23.05
American Realty Capital Properties Inc. (ARCP) $9.33

My total third (3) quarter dividend income was $104.43 

cant retire yet.. damn

Overall I'm pleased with this progress, as i start to see my dividend income dropping every month, I can all ready see that my next month is looking promising. I'm also very eager to see how this develops next year.

I also Updated my portfolio to represent its current value, and I updated my dividend income sheet.

How was your September? Any Dividends? Does EUR/USD worry you?

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  1. Hi ANHA

    Congratulations on a nice dividend income. Keep up a good work! I'm not worried about weaker EUR, in the past 2 years I have mainly bought shares with other currency and will continue to do that also in the future.


    1. Thank you, I will continue to do just that.

  2. Hi,

    good progress! My dividend income for September is also up.

    1. Ty 50-kymppinen eläkeläinen. Good job if you have gotten your dividend income up.

  3. Hey, over $100 for the quarter is still great! Keep it up!

    1. Writing2reality
      Hi There, i will do just that. $100 is a good start, cant wait to see my next years 3th quarter income.
      Ty for stopping by.

  4. Over $100 for the quarter is a good start. That's very good progress. Keep working at it and soon you'll be receiving $100 per month!

  5. Thanks for sharing and good results for the month. Congrats on crossing 100 for the quarter. As others said, it will 100 a month soon!

  6. Breaking the $100 mark for a month of passive income is a great milestone. You may not be able to retire but think about what that dividend income can do for you. Pay a cell phone bill, electricity, dinner in a restaurant, etc. etc. Soon you dividends will be main your rent payments and car payments. Just keep at it.

    1. DivHut
      It is a great milestone, I will keep it up and i hope you do the same!

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