Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tough Times

I'm sorry guys, haven't been able to write for few weeks now. This is because I did loose my job.
Our company did not perform so well in this tough market so me and few others got their contract terminated. After 9 years of service this is how you get paid. So never stop kissing your boss's ass. But perhaps its a good thing to move forward.

So i have been busy trying to get another job, but no luck yet. This may have to do with the fact that Finland in overall does not have performed any good and a lot of people have lost their jobs lately. So there are Lot's of people applying the same jobs, so getting a job is not a guaranteed by any means.

I'm not happy about loosing my job, but that is not the worst thing that bothers me. Because I do get payed by our social security system, it's not as good that I would get by going to work but it's something you can live with. The thing that I hate the most, is that this is a huge setback to my compounding. I did some math and with social security calculators and  I wont be able to invest so frequently as I have get used to. I will maybe be able to invest once every three months, and that is not what I'm looking for. So i have been constantly applying every job that I think I could do, and even to some that are not so.. how you would say.. "sweet".

I have still 2 months left on my contract, and I'm not sure do I invest those or should i just save them. Because I cannot be sure when do I get new job or do I get a job at all. But I will probably just have to have some faith for my self and invest some of that money. And the market have just created few good deals so it is hard to me to pass these.

So wish me luck as I go write some more applications.

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  1. Hi ANHA
    I am sorry to hear this. Like you said, times are tough and it unfortunately appears that the direction of Finland is not turning. In the 90s, when I was kicking rocks for about two years and I was still young, I went to try my luck abroad. My journey lasted almost 15 years, but it was profitable in every respect. So if you have the opportunity, grab at your position in each of the upcoming work session.

    Good luck,

    1. Yeap Finland's direction looks bad, i hope i will get invited to some interviews in upcoming months. I will try to grab anything i can.

  2. Hi,

    now you have at least more time to investigate stocks =D Well, to be serious, you could take this chance to see how financial independence would taste like. Do the things that you have been planning to do once you are able to retire. I think this one would motivate you to find a job quite quickly so that you could retire for real.

    1. Well yeah, still two months left so anything can happen. It could be cool to live only for benefits for few months, but it set's back my financial freedom two much so i would rather not go there. I hope I get some work soon.